Group Coaching vs. 1:1 Coaching

By Mary Anne Melear | January 26, 2021

On screen, the two types of coaching seem similar. Both provide support and accountability, so you can show up with a goal in mind – a place or space you want to reach in your career – but for whatever reason that bright shiny spot remains elusive. Hiring a professional coach is about taking a…

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What Does it Really Mean to Be Creative?

By Mary Anne Melear | November 20, 2020

Are you creative? Let me rephrase that. Do you think you are creative? Before you answer pause for a moment and consider what that really means. Being creative is so much more than drawing well or designing well or painting well or …. whatever else you think “Artists” do. Being creative is not reserved for…

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mind shift

A 2 Step Process to Shifting Your Mindset

By Mary Anne Melear | October 23, 2020

Get Centered. Stop what you’re doing, get to a quiet spot – even if that has to be in your stationary car – and be still. Just breathe. And again. One more time. One more. Pretend You’re Someone Else. Humor me and stand up wherever you are. Close your eyes. For just a few moments,…

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The Geography of Creativity – Where You Create is as Important as What You Create

By Mary Anne Melear | September 12, 2020

If procrastination were an art form, I’d be a master. SO many clients and colleagues I talk to agree with this statement. One colleague told me, “The only way I get anything done is because I’m putting off doing something else.” I’m not talking about typical work project responsibilities. I’m talking about projects that require…

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What Coaching Has Taught Me About Life

By Mary Anne Melear | July 3, 2020

Creating a safe space for clients is what makes the coaching relationship so fertile for growth. That safe space requires doing things that can be helpful in relationships outside of coaching sessions. Listen Without Judgement. We all judge. Our culture was built on judging others if you think about it. But if you take a…

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